A Winter Sunday Brunch Jacket

Six years ago this little jacket opened my eyes and introduced me to the wonderful world of blogging, I found it at Probably Actually, the first blog I ever read and always looked forward to seeing in my inbox.  It’s the Sunday Brunch Jacket from Oliver and S  a must have that I purchased straight away and now have a little girl to finally sew it up for …. yippee!

I live in a little rural town with 13,000 people around 800km from the city.  Getting fabric is hard the internet has made a huge difference, however you just can’t stand (for hours) studying the fabrics drape, texture and feel whilst procrastinating over the best fabric and walking out with 5 different fabrics for the stash.   I was so excited a few weeks back to walk through my local quilting shop, Ruby and Kate and see velvet! They had two colours to choose from grey and black,  grey was the obvious choice for me and straight away I thought of the Sunday Brunch Jacket.  I had dreamed of making it in a red fine baby whale cord however this turned out amazing.


I did not make any changes to the pattern, I could have lengthened it by an inch or so, my girl is 15 months and tall, that being said I am not disappointed with my finished garment at all.  The little buttons are B 11mm bronze Shank by Hemline, again from my local quilting store.



Pattern: Oliver and S, Sunday Brunch Jacket

Fabric: Grey Velvet from Ruby and Kate

Alternations: None


2 thoughts on “A Winter Sunday Brunch Jacket

  1. Gail says:

    It’s adorable in that fabric! Makes me miss having a little girl to sew for. Thanks for the kind words 🙂

    1. Kylie Crettenden says:

      oh my goodness, so excited that you saw it! Thanks for all the inspiration ! I loved all the things you have made for your children and always enjoy reading it 🙂

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