Knitted Poncho

Aunty Lynnes Poncho 03

I am very fortunate to have a family that loves handmade.  My Aunty is super talented and loves knitting for my two children.  Last week in the post I received two more beautiful knitted items for my little girl, this wonderful poncho was one of them.

Aunty Lynnes Poncho 02


I can honestly say I LOVE everything about this poncho, the stitch used (Knit 5, Purl 5 to end of row, repeat this for 4 rows then change to 2nd colour for next 4 rows), the hood with the pom pom on the end and the COLOUR, dusty pink is my favourite!


Aunty Lynnes Poncho 04


Aunty Lynnes Poncho 08

Aunty Lynnes Poncho 05


Aunty Lynnes Poncho 06


Aunty Lynnes Poncho 07



Aunty Lynnes Knitted Poncho 09


Pattern:  Free Baby’s Hooded Poncho at All Free Knitting

Wool: 8 ply pure wool featuring 2 shads of dusty pink



Coop’s Cat in the Hat Quilt

Cat In the Hat Quilt 01


My son loves all of the Dr. Seuss books, I’ve always loved reading them to him and now days with him.  Most of them he knows off my heart.  It is of no wonder that he put an order in for a Dr. Seuss, Cat in the Hat quilt.  It did take me a little while to start the quilt, Coops would kindly remind me each time we went in into my local quilting shop that he would like a Cat in the Hat quilt.  Now it is finally finished and he (and myself) are ecstatic.


Cat In the Hat Quilt 02


It is actually a rather large quilt as it has to fit his king single bed.  I kept the design simple highlighting the Cat in the Hat panel, by Robert Kaufman.  I of course did quite a bit of googling before deciding how to show case the panel, and played around with measurements so it would fit Coopies bed.


Cat In the Hat Quilt 03


I must confess the quilting was done my my good friends at The Patchwork Pear, another local quilting shop.  I wanted a simple design, not to curvy, that complemented the quilt.  This design is just perfect for a little boys quilt!  Thank you for such a wonderful job.


Cat In the Hat Quilt 06


My little girl could not help but play peek a boo…..  photographing with your kids is always a hoot!


Cat In the Hat Quilt 05



Cat In the Hat Quilt 04


Pattern: none (based off a google search and adjusted according to a king single bed)

Fabric:  Robert Kaufman, Cat in the Hat Panel Blue 


Cat In the Hat Quilt 07


New T-Shirt and Cloud Leggings

Zoes Cloud Leggings and T-Shirt 1

There are so many advantages to sewing your toddlers own clothes.  At the top of my list is fit, specifically for a top.  I like my girl’s tops to be long in the back, and free around to stomach, surprisingly this can be difficult to find in the shops.  So why not sew it yourself?


Zoes Cloud Leggings and T-Shirt 2


The T-shirt fabric was a bargain at just 50 cents from a thrifty shop, its a 100% cotton with a slight stretch; perfect for t-shirts.   I’ve accented the pockets with matching fabric from the leggings and  added a coverstitch pocket detail (one of my favourite things to do with my beloved coverstitch machine).


Zoes Cloud Leggings and T-Shirt 3


I’ve been holding onto the leggings fabric since I purchased it last year, don’t know about you, but when I purchase gorgeous fabric I find it really difficult to cut into it – I just keep waiting for the perfect outfit to make (it may just be an excuse for hoarding more fabric..hmm). The gorgeous leggings fabric is by Little Smile Makers, I love all their fabric designs, with so many to choose from I spent many hours just looking.



Zoes Cloud Leggings and T-Shirt


Pattern: Leggings PDF Pattern from Fresh Stitch Patterns.

T-Shirt PDF Pattern from Fresh Stitch Patterns – Not for sale yet?.

Fabric: Leggings and Pocket insert are by Little Smile Makers; Cloud from Crafty Mama’s Fabrics.


This is what happened within the first 5 minutes of taking the photos!  We where headed off to Granny and Gramp’s house in her new out fit boo hoo…the T-shirt only made it as far as laundry, and a quick spray of vanish.