Introducing the Shoulder Snap T-Shirt + Seated Panel Pants (Harem Style)

I am so proud to be introducing your newest two patterns, the Shoulder Snap T-Shirt + Seated Panel Pants (Harem Style) designed specifically for babies and toddlers (Preemie to 2-3).   Both of these wardrobe staples are designed to worn over either cloth or disposable nappies/diapers.


Seated Panel Pants and Snap T-Shirt


The top has a shoulder side snap enabling the top to be easily taken on and off.  The pants are constructed in a harem style with feature panel at the back.


The top can be constructed with either a short sleeve (View A) or long sleeves (View B).

Short Sleeve Drawings


Seated Panel Pants (Harem Style)

Seated Panel Pants Illustration

Naturally this pattern would not have come together without some help along the way.  I had the pleasure of working with a large group of wonderful women who have tested this pattern.  Lets have a look at some fabulous creations.


The first is from Valérie Dufort, who sewed an amazing 4 sets,









by Marie-claude, you can find her @Marie-claude_mcb on Instagram.







The next is from Erin Antonelli,

Erin Collage Snap and Pants


by Nicole is the wonderful outfit, she’s got such a great eye for beautiful fabric!



Nicole has added her very own heat transfer with patterned foil.



by Rose is this little outfit modelled over a cloth bum!



by Angela (her Facebook page is Crochet by Angela) has made a seriously cute outfit complete with hat!



Melissa (found on Instagram @madebymelli), has created this matching outfit – also happens to match his gorgeous eyes!




What did you think?  The fabric selection makes a huge difference in the final look.  This was just a tiny slice of what the very creative testers have made, thank you all so much!  Tomorrow I’ll show you all the Christmas outfit’s they made, ho ho ho…..






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