Knitted Poncho

Aunty Lynnes Poncho 03

I am very fortunate to have a family that loves handmade.  My Aunty is super talented and loves knitting for my two children.  Last week in the post I received two more beautiful knitted items for my little girl, this wonderful poncho was one of them.

Aunty Lynnes Poncho 02


I can honestly say I LOVE everything about this poncho, the stitch used (Knit 5, Purl 5 to end of row, repeat this for 4 rows then change to 2nd colour for next 4 rows), the hood with the pom pom on the end and the COLOUR, dusty pink is my favourite!


Aunty Lynnes Poncho 04


Aunty Lynnes Poncho 08

Aunty Lynnes Poncho 05


Aunty Lynnes Poncho 06


Aunty Lynnes Poncho 07



Aunty Lynnes Knitted Poncho 09


Pattern:  Free Baby’s Hooded Poncho at All Free Knitting

Wool: 8 ply pure wool featuring 2 shads of dusty pink


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